What is Bundling Service

Bundling Service is a fast-growing trend in the commerce sector especially for Amazon sales. The term applies when various products purchased separately from different suppliers are consolidated in one package for sale to users.

Swift China Sourcing is a supplier based in China offering bundling service in addition to product sourcing and shipping service.

Why do you need a bundling Service

  • Cost Effective with lower human cost in China
  • Variety of products at one shop
  • Making difference from competitors
  • Increase Sales Volume
  • Increase Profit Margins

Pricing for bundling service

Pricing are tailor made to your order. Which means per every order made you get a value for money service based on your bundling request.

Processing Method (SOP)

We offer 2 types of Standard Operation Process (SOP) for our bundle service.

  • Full Bundling – that’s when a customer contacts us to source and purchase different products.  After which we consolidate into bundles and shipped to their receiving address.  
  • Part Bundling – that’s when a customer contacts us to consolidate their purchased products from different suppliers. After which ship to their receiving address.  

Additionally  Services Rendered

In addition to consolidating your products, we offer value added service such as Bar Code or QR Code Labelling Service, Customize Packaging Service, Door to Door shipping, etc. . . . 



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