Swift offers domestic and international, pick-up and shipping services to anywhere in the world.

Shipping Services

With our years of experience working with orders, operations and shipping services, Swift will provide you with expert transportation options while meeting your specific requests. Swift offers door to door delivery with any transportation service and communicates directly with your supplier from goods pickup to destination delivery!

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Swift China Shipping Services

Swift can ship your goods from your desired factory!

● Ship directly to the Amazon fulfillment center

● Ship directly to your facility

● Ship directly to a third party logistics of your choice

Swift will customize shipping to your specifications!

● Full Container Load (FCL) ocean shipping service

● Less than Container Load (LCL) Ocean shipping service

● Air cargo shipping service

● Air express shipping service

Swift offers shipping methods for customs!

● Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). This is a “door to door” service, including all customs and ground shipping fees, to your final destination. NOTE: Because Amazon is not an importer of record, DDP type shipment must be used

● Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU). Recommended when regularly shipping high volumes of containers

Use the link below to determine the best shipping method for your business

Shipping Methods

1. Air Freight Cargo Service DDP – (Delivered Duty Paid/door to door)

Using our Air Freight Cargo DDP service (through UPS or FedEx) allows us to pick up goods from your manufacturer, deliver it to the best logistical airport in China and then transfer it to the destination airport of whichever country you are located in. Once it has arrived in your country, it will then be delivered by ground to the final destination. Since customs have been declared in China, the goods will not need to go through customs in the final destination country.

Contact Swift service manager, Rohn, for a quick freight quote!

2. Air Courier Service – (Door to Door) 

With door to door air courier service, your products are delivered by UPS/FEDEX from China to the customer’s US destination.

Features: Fast delivery!

Door to door about 5-15 business days

Contact Rohn, for a quick freight quote!

3. Our Ocean Shipping Service – DDP (Delivered Duty Paid/Door to Door)

A. Quick Ocean Shipment

The most expedient, ocean transportation is by “Matson Ocean Shipment” from China to Los Angeles. Using this LCL type shipping creates a “Duty Paid” freight. We operate this full door to door transportation for our customers, including the import duties and/or duty clearance. We will also generate a tracking number for you to follow. Your total DDP cost covers initial pick up from the factory to your final destination facility.

DDP Costs Covers:

1st leg – from manufacturer/supplier to shipping port of origin

2nd leg – from port of origin to destination port

3rd leg – from destination port to your final choice of facility (Amazon FBA or your own facility)

– 3rd leg will either be done by UPS/FedEx 

The “Quick Ocean Shipment” option is a U.S. ONLY service. These destination ports are on the west coast ports of Los Angeles only. They usually take 20-25 days from manufacturer to final facility.

B. Regular Ocean Shipment

This option offers the same services (DDP) as “Quick Ocean Shipment” However, it allows you to ship to the destination port of your choice.

1. Upside: this service is usually the most inexpensive way for freight. Your destination choice allows you to have the least amount of UPS/FedEx travel from destination port to your facility.

2. Downside – this service can take 35-50 days


Because worldwide freight is a supply and demand market, service costs often fluctuate from shipment to shipment. Due to Swift China Sourcing being embedded in the shipping market for years, it allows us to find the best (and most current) cost for our customers.

C. Goods Consolidation for FCL Ocean/Air Freight

If you have multiple samples and/or goods coming from various suppliers, Swift will consolidate them for you. Then we will create a custom shipping plan for you (either by air or ocean) to be sure all goods are shipped at once.

1. Warehouse Service in China – Amazon FBA Restrictions

Due to the worldwide PPE needs at this time, Amazon has placed restrictions on 3rd Party Seller shipments into their FBA logistics centers. Therefore to better serve the 3rd Party Sellers needs, we now offer warehousing options for your goods in China for efficient costs!

Due to mass amounts of goods, earmarked to be shipped to the Amazon fulfillment centers from 3rd Party Sellers, Amazon is limiting the amount of goods received per ASIN/SKU.

Using the Swift storage option allows you to customize your shipment plans to ship the precise amount that Amazon approves for your products. However, as time moves forward, Amazon can/will fluctuate the number of products allowed for your specific ASIN(s). Swift will then continue to customize your shipments according to Amazon’s fluctuations.

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