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It was not long ago that our team simply managed sourcing and shipping departments for our head office in the U.S. and facilitated U.S. business trips to China.

Facilitating business trips revealed the many communication challenges that U.S. customers encountered while working with Chinese suppliers. Also, with the ever growing online businesses, customers often have detailed specifications for sourcing, freight and inspections. Our experience allowed us to hone our skills in 3 crucial areas of professional product development and export from China.

In addition, we work as a mediator and translator on our customer’s behalf, between chinese manufacturers and suppliers with the US and global markets. Swift offers optimal services, including sourcing, inspection to customer specifications and instructions, and shipping.

Over the years Swift has worked with manufacturing and trading companies on products such as wood, liquid, cream, electric, chemical, plants and many more. We have worked with shipping services such as whole containers, LCL, FCL, Air cargo and Air express. Our diverse background and experience equips us to serve our customers well, troubleshooting and problem-solving to provide quality care so products arrive correctly and on time!

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